Know What Causes Anxiety

What Causes AnxietyIf you are interested to know what causes anxiety, then you should first be ready yourself because you will be discovering that some of the causes of anxiety attacks are actually things we have a control of, such as brain chemistry, heredity, personality, life experiences etc. As you can see, although you cannot vote to meddle with your brain chemistry or the hereditary factor, you can control your personality and the way you are going to react to different life experiences.

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The Brain Chemistry

Due to the fact that the symptoms of anxiety disorders are usually relieved with the help of medications which work on the levels of chemicals inside the brain, people working in science believe that brain chemistry is among the factor that can causes the onset of anxiety disorders.

Heredity Factor

This is one of the many reasons you will know when you ask what causes anxiety. It is a known fact that this condition is something that runs among families. Because of this, in case your mom, your dad, or your grandparents are suffering from one, then you can expect yourself to be troubled by this health condition as well.


Some researchers believe that personality is among those factors of what causes anxiety. This belief is further supported by the fact that people with low self-esteem and those with poor coping skills are normally prone to this problem. On the other hand, anxiety disorder that started during childhood years may further contribute to the onset of low self-esteem behavior.

Life experiences

Most researchers agree that the relationship of anxiety disorders as well as long-term disclosure to abuse or poverty can make a person become extremely vulnerable to this kind of problem. On the other hand, another reason of what causes anxiety is the use of street drugs like LSD, amphetamines, or Ecstasy. In fact, even the meager amount of caffeine in coffee can work big time to make us feel the presence of anxiety in our own life.

As you can see, since we might have a full control over at least one of the cause of anxiety, then we should make it a point to thwart ourselves from these things if we would like to see a change on how we live our life and react on some triggers. Do not allow your body to become the breading ground for problems because you have the duty for yourself to thwart problems which may impede normal life functions.

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